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SK Events

There has been a lack of pakistani wedding planners in the states. I have decided to fill that void. I am a wedding planner based out of New Jersey, and do weddings nationwide. Stay up to date with my advice, ideas, and thoughts for inspiration for your own wedding!

Apr 21

khanbaby92 asked: Im looking for a makeup artist and hairstylist for me, my 3 sisters, bhabi and mom for the big day. Anyone you recommend?

My favorite makeup artist in New York is Aurthi!

Apr 20

khanbaby92 asked: What wedding halls do you suggest for an nikkah for 100 guests or less? I live in Queens.

Elite Palace or Astoria World Manor are both really pretty banquets! 

road-to-the-stars asked: you know for the diy mehndi thalis how could you make the containers in which to put the mehndi in. In the image you show the containers are gold and slightly spouted. thanks!!

Use clay molding and sculpt it and then spray gold metallic paint on it! 

Super easy DIY idea: Mehndi Thalis 
Get the thinnest plywood at your local home depot and cut it into paisley shapes and have fun decorating them in any color/sequins/rhinestones you want! 

Super easy DIY idea: Mehndi Thalis 

Get the thinnest plywood at your local home depot and cut it into paisley shapes and have fun decorating them in any color/sequins/rhinestones you want! 

khanbaby92 asked: Where can I find items for mehendi and rasams? i.e. Like mehendi trays and doodh pilai

Where do you live? if you live near an indian desi market, any of the stores that sell desi things usually have mehndi trays and stuff also. Like the subzi mandi on Oaktree Road in New Jersey even had them! 

If you don’t have a desi store nearby, a great idea that I do is make my own mehndi trays out of tempered hardwood from home depot [the thinnest board you can find] and decorate it with wrapping paper and sequins and ribbons. Cut them in Paisley shapes or other fun shapes that are mehndi related. 

As for the dhood pilai, you can get a regular small jug with a plate and use mod podge and glitter and make it gold and then same thing, add sequins/beads/rhinestones and make it look pretty! 

Both are super easy to do! 

Apr 19
Tonight’s colors pink and purple.  #decor #stage #flowers #skevents

Tonight’s colors pink and purple. #decor #stage #flowers #skevents

Apr 18
My gorgeous Afghan bride on her Henna night (at Shahnawaz Banquet)

My gorgeous Afghan bride on her Henna night (at Shahnawaz Banquet)

Apr 16
Love when photographers send me pictures of my work! #centerpiece #mehndi #decor

Love when photographers send me pictures of my work! #centerpiece #mehndi #decor

Apr 15

Day of Coordination Services

2 weeks before your event:
1. Vendor contracts review. Discuss everything you are expecting from all vendors.
2. Arrange timeline with vendors and schedule arrival times
3. Coordinate with venue and vendors the time of setup/breakdown
4. Make sure all vendor equipment lists/insurances etc. are sent to venue in time
5. Arrange a timeline and program of flow of events and share with vendors and bridal party

6. Pick up any decor items the bridal party has, other than what the decorator is providing

7. Coordinate hair/makeup appointments with bridal family and hair/makeup vendors

Day of the event:
1. SK Events team arrives 15 minutes prior to all vendors.
2. Ensure all vendors have provided everything properly according to contracts and are setting up in their assigned positions
3. Meeting with bridal party to make sure everyone is aware of duties and schedule
4. Provide photographer and DJ with breakdown of timeline. Make sure photographer knows important people to photograph and DJ has all proper pronunciations of bridal party names for entrances.
5. Gather bridal party for pre-wedding photo-shoot

6. Coordinate with Grooms side to make sure everyone is ready on time
7. Setup any decor/program cards/escort cards etc. before the event
8. Distribute of any flowers/boutonnieres to bridal party
9. Keep Bride and Groom in the know about what is going on
10. Line up bridal party for entrances
11. Gather family and friends for photos post ceremony
12. Ensure proper flow of food
13. Cue photographer/DJ of upcoming events so they are prepared ahead of time
14. Distribute any final payments to any vendors
15. Pack up gifts/cards, miscellaneous ceremony and reception items and have them ready to be taken to a family members car at the end of the night
16. Bridal party receives a complimentary Bridal Care Package, custom made.

and of course, take care of any emergencies that may arise.

Can’t wait to decorate these! #paisleybackdrop #mehndi #decor #skevents  (at SK Events, CO.)

Can’t wait to decorate these! #paisleybackdrop #mehndi #decor #skevents (at SK Events, CO.)

Apr 14
SK inventory additions #crystalseverywhere #decor #weddingdecor

SK inventory additions #crystalseverywhere #decor #weddingdecor


Image by:JackandPatrickPhoto


Image by:JackandPatrickPhoto

(via bollywoodchai)

Anonymous asked: Hi Thanks for having this tumblr! I am a representative of the groom's family and we are wondering how many bidh bags we need to take with us. The nikkah will be held on the day of the baraat. And they have 300 guests coming. Does that mean we need to bring 300 bidh bags? And then for the valima, would we need to have an additional 200+ favor bags for our own guests?! That seems to be a lot of bags and candy that we need to buy, so wanted to see what's convention. Thanks

Hi! Thank you! 

So the tradition is for the bidh bags to be distributed from the groom’s side right after the Nikkah ceremony to all the guests, including bride’s side and groom’s side. 

As for favors go, that is completely separate and optional. A lot of people nowadays get a nice favor and give it to families instead of each person. Something cute and decorative that they can actually put in their home and remember the wedding by. This will help you save money as well. Another option is a photo booth for guests to be able to take pictures and get print outs and that is a favor in its own! 

Apr 12
Sangeet night #weddingdecor #weddingplanner #stage #backdrop  (at Akbar)

Sangeet night #weddingdecor #weddingplanner #stage #backdrop (at Akbar)

Apr 7

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